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Aerospace Part Marking

Traceerbaarheidsoplossingen voor fabrikanten van aerospace onderdelen. Ontdek de verschillende technologische opties, van laser tot dopeen markering.

In aeronautics, safety standards require direct marking on critical components for efficient part identification and tracebility. Subcontractors must provide manufacturers with fully identified parts to also combat counterfeit and tampering risks. This prevents obsolete parts from being reused or sold elsewhere, ensuring safety by avoiding stress-related risks associated with unidentified origins.

Complying with regulated standards AS478-3, AIM-DPM, MIL-STD-130, EASA Part 21 Subpart Q, ATA SPEC2000, SAE, NASA, UID, JES, RRES, SAE International AS9132, our marking systems guarantee high-quality markings and complete traceability of your parts. Identify, record, and read your information throughout the life of your parts, from the wing to the smallest screw of the aircraft. 

Our marking solutions

Our industrial laser stations are perfect for aerospace part marking: they guarantee high-contrast marking with a very short cycle time without contact with the part. Different laser sources and power levels and marking areas are available depending on your application.

  • Laser stations (WeLase™, LW2 & LW3) : perfect for small to large parts when small cycle times are required
  • Laser tables (LS100, LS100EX, LS900): easily place several parts for batch laser marking
  • Integrable lasers (Mini-inline): integrate your laser marking head in security when marking very large aerospace parts

Our dot-peen and rotary marking machines offer high-precision marking and a great return on investment. They meet your aerospace part identification and traceability marking requirements while increasing quality and volumes. Mark both small and large parts thanks to their open marking area. 

  • Dot-peen station (IMPACT): cost-effective dot-by-dot, or continuous line marking of datamatrixes and alphanumeric codes on every metal and most plastic parts
  • Rotary machines (IS200, IS400): esthetic and deep marking of logos and identifying numbers on every metal and plastic part

Our aerospace part marking technologies

The laser technology is a contactless identification method. The part surface remains intact as only the superficial layer of the material is heated to create a contrasting black marking. This also ensures that the mechanical properties of the part aren’t modified.
To mark parts sensible to heat transfers, our Green laser source ensures what is called "Cold-marking". Which is, laser marking without any heat buildup on the part’s surface.

Laser marking is fast, making it perfectly suitable for high-production needs. The high contrast ensures quick data reading, either by an operator for alphabetical characters or by a scanner for 1D or 2D codes. 

Our industrial laser stations are equipped with an integrated Z axis for automatic adjustment of the laser head, ensuring high-quality traceability marking on your aerospace parts. 

Datamatrix marking on metal

The dot-peen marking technology pushes the material to engrave a series of numbers or a Datamatrix code. No material is removed or weakened during this process. This ensures that the marking remains intact after post-treatments and maintains high durability over time.

Certain aerospace standards specify a required depth for compliance, and dot-peen marking machines enable adherence to these depth requirements.

Our Impact eZ m (electromagnetic version) includes a sensor that automatically detects the part and adjusts the Z axis accordingly, ensuring consistently high-quality part identification.

XF510m Datamatrix

Our industrial laser and dot-peen marking machines seamlessly integrate with your existing infrastructure, including central servers, PCs, PLCs, and barcode scanners, maximizing ROI and facilitating communication within your plant network.

These robust permanent marking systems are capable of creating deep and durable markings on even the toughest metals, both pre and post-treatment, ensuring legibility and durability in the most challenging environments. The complete traceability from manufacturing to maintenance guarantees part authenticity and compliance with the highest aerospace standards.

XF510r are integrable on production lines

Identification and compliance

Datamatrix marking of stainless steel

Different parts

& shapes

The variety of our aerospace part marking technologies makes it possible to trace and identify a wide range of parts with a unique identification code, whatever their shapes or materials:

  • Turbine components (blades, vanes, flanges…)
  • Fasteners (nuts, bolts, washers, screws, rivets…)
  • System components (pumps, engines, generators, moving shafts, electronic boxes…)
  • Airframe parts (landing gear, brake disks, thrust reversers…)
  • Power plant parts (nozzles, assemblies, transmission systems…)
  • Cabins (seats, lights, switches, control panels…) 
  • ID plates (equipment and machine identification nameplates)

These parts can be made of the following alloys: Aluminium, Titanium, Magnesium, Cobalt, Steel, Stainless steel, Carbon fiber.

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Aerospace part marking

Various norms

with strict requirements

The standards upon which you rely vary depending on the country, type of traceability marking, and material of the part. The main aerospace industry standards include AS478-3, AIM-DPM, MIL-STD-130, EASA Part 21 Subpart Q, ATA SPEC2000, SAE, NASA, UID, JES, RRES and SAE International AS9132. 

Some of these standards encompass various requirements for parts:

  • HR (Hardness Rating): the marking must not create points of weakening or excessive wear.
  • Mechanical resistance: the marking must not affect the tensile, compressive, fatigue, or corrosion resistance of the part.
  • Weight and material density: the marking must not significantly modify the part weight or affect its density.

Other standards focus on the aerospace part marking quality to ensure reliable proofreading, such as the AIM-DPM standard.  

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Mozaic of various plastic and metal parts with identification codes and texts


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