Gegraveerde parfumfles

Cosmetic and Perfume engraving

Discover our solutions for perfume bottle, makeup engraving and personalization.

Are you constantly seeking for new ideas that will create a buzz and capture the interest of your customers, strengthening their loyalty? Offer personalized engraving for your perfume bottles, lipsticks or other cosmetic products made of glass, metal, plastic or even directly on the packaging or box itself! Each engraved product becomes unique, reflecting the customer's style, personality, or emotion. An unbreakable emotional bond is formed between the brand and the customer.

Offering custom cosmetic bottles, perfume bottles and makeup engraving is a simple way to diversify, launch a new product, and generate additional sales without modifying your product catalog, either in-store or online.

Solutions for Cosmetic and Perfume engraving

Robust, compact, and portable, the M20 mechanical engraving machine accommodates all uses and environments. The machine operates quietly and seamlessly integrates into your shop. The diamond tip delicately carves the material, giving the engraving a traditional and authentic appearance ideal for high-end gifts. Its use is entirely secure.

New: Add a touch of luxury to your mechanical engravings with Gravotech's gilding wax, available in gold or silver.

The WeLase™ is a compact, quiet, and fully automated laser station. Its elegant design is particularly suitable for point of sale set-ups. With a larger marking area and designed for productivity, the LW2 will find its place in a back office, workshop, or e-commerce warehouse. Laser engraving technology is simple and fast, producing a detailed and contrasting look.


Our laser tables are ideal for e-commerce activities, back-office use, or within a production warehouse due to the size of their marking areas. The combination of their productivity and versatility allows them to perform high-quality serial engravings, flat or on circular objects and gifts, regardless of the engraved object material: metal, plastic, or even organic material (glass, leather, stone, wood...).


Engrave all types of perfumes and beauty products

Gravotech - Glass engraving

Engraving on various shapes, sizes, and materials

The sizes and shapes of cosmetics and fragrances containers to be engraved vary greatly: brushes, compacts, mirrors, lipstick tubes, and more. Similarly, some perfume bottles have complex or unique shapes.

Gravotech solutions are designed to adapt to all types of shapes and sizes, enabling engraving on flat surfaces or around the circumference of cylindrical products. Our various engraving technologies are capable of personalizing all materials: glass, plastic, metal, and much more.

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Glass engraving with the F100 lens

F100: The perfect lens for glass marking

To improve the quality and rendering of glass engraving, Gravotech proposes a new optional lens that can be installed on an existing WeLase CO2

This lens is ideal for engraving filled logos or fonts. The thin laser spot lowers the heat on the glass, reducing the risk of chipping and breaking.

The result is a seamless high quality engraving, smooth to the touch with a frosted effect.

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In-store cosmetic and perfume engraving

Offer your customers the opportunity to create their own personalized perfume bottle or cosmetic items in-store, turning the engraving process into a magical customer experience.

In addition to generating additional sales, the event captivates and attracts foot traffic to the shop.

During a product launch, promotional event, or brand anniversary, offering personalized engraving at the event location enhances customer engagement. Beyond the entertainment value, each individual leaves with a customized product, fostering a special connection between them and your brand.


WeLase is ideaal voor plaatsing in winkels & shops

Offering custom cosmetic bottles and perfumes immediately elevates the item to a unique status, serving as a meaningful symbol known only to its owner and the recipient when it is a gift. This enhances the item’s sentimental value, and the customer’s commitment to the brand deepens.

Selling an additional fragrance or makeup engraving service in-store increases your margins without requiring modifications to your product catalog.

Customization also plays a key role in the success of new product launches.


Lipstick engraving

The M20 engraving machine (mechanical engraving) and WeLase™ (laser engraving) have been designed for easy integration into stores, providing a premium customer experience.

The Cube option of the M20 engraving machine ensures a completely secure customization process. With its fully glazed casing, the enclosure provides a panoramic view of the perfume bottle or makeup engraving while protecting onlookers. The WeLase™, on the other hand, features three glazed sides that offer a 180° view of the engraving process.


M20 Cube and WeLase for in-store cosmetic & perfume engraving

Designed for major brands, Gravotouch software is intuitive and extremely user-friendly. It allows the seller to use the software as a catalog and get their personalized perfume bottle or cosmetic within seconds. No prior training is required. Gravotouch can be customized to your brand image for an optimal customer experience.

Gravostyle™ is the most comprehensive engraving software on the market, offering endless creative possibilities. Users can personalize products with the utmost freedom.


Gravotouch, the ideal software for instore personalization

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Online personalization of perfume and cosmetics

Enhance the customer experience on your e-commerce site by offering the customization of your products as a service.

Our perfume bottle and makeup engraving machines are suitable for large production volumes, and our tailor-made software solutions enable a seamless online experience. The data entered by your customers on your e-commerce site is automatically transmitted to your machine pool. Your operators only need to scan the barcode associated with the order and initiate the engraving process, eliminating any risk of error and optimizing operation time.


WeLase : personalization machine

We offer engraving machines dedicated to batch engraving in both laser and mechanical versions.

The LS laser series is robust and offers an engraving area of up to 48” x 24”. The engraving speed can reach 160 inches/s, ensuring optimal productivity. The large engraving area of LS machines is ideal for batch engraving.

The M20 (mechanical engraving) and WeLase (laser engraving) are more compact machines but equally robust for high production volumes.

M20, LS laser tables and WeLase for online cosmetic and perfume engraving

From graphic preview on your e-commerce site to automatic integration of your customers' messages and visuals into the engraving software, Gravotech develops e-commerce software solutions tailored to the specific needs of each client.

We aim to offer an impeccable online experience for your customers and an optimized operational flow for your machine operators.

Gravostyle™ is the most comprehensive engraving software on the market, offering endless adaptation possibilities.

Gravostyle, the software for batch engraving
Mosaic of personalized jewels, glass and perfume


Make it unique, create emotions

You are a luxury brand or an international brand and you would like to develop an exclusive in store customer experience for your clients, on your e-commerce site or during an event?

Gravotech offers tailored solutions that will meet your needs. A dedicated project manager will guide you throughout the collaboration: discussing requirements, running samples on your products, selecting the best-suited personalization technology, solution deployment and user training.

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